Guava Farm : Part 2/2

Written by Henry Sorren / Edited by Sherry Sorren

Part 2/2

清晨六點,農場主人用豐盛的早餐款待我,我大口吃著麵包、細細啜飲著溫熱的奶茶,雖然時間還早,但我的心已經被他們熱情的招待填得滿滿滿。吃完早餐後我迅速地套上他們提供我的黃色雨靴,因為想給農場主人們很好的第一印象,所以我用跑白米的速度完成出發的準備工作。接著坐上其中一人的摩托車後座 (這次我沒有用雙手環抱他的腰,而是自信滿滿的向後抓著把手支撐自己),風從我的耳邊呼嘯而過,小鎮也漸漸甦醒。市場充滿著積極叫賣的小販和精打細算的婆婆媽媽們;小學生牽著爸媽的手漫步到學校準備上課,我可以感覺到充滿活力和人情味的台灣文化,來到台灣是我這輩子做過最好的決定之一。

My day began at 6am, and I was greeted at the dinner table with some bread and warm milk tea. I stuffed my face and drank the tea and quickly put on my yellow boots for the farm, I didn’t want them to think I was lazy or didn’t care about the work, i really did. I got onto one of their motor scooters and they drove me to the farm, (this time I held onto the back of the bike, like you’re supposed to). The whole town was just waking up, shops were opening, students were walking to their classes in their uniforms. I could see how the town worked and the beautiful Taiwanese culture coming to life before my eyes, it was really amazing.



他們載我到一個擁有上百上千棵芭樂樹的農場,教我如何用透明的塑膠袋細心的包覆住小芭樂,提醒我要小心地爬上三腳梯注意安全,接著便讓我一個人開始熟悉工作。我很享受在灑滿陽光的芭樂園裡,每天工作的時間約 6 到 9 個小時不等,通常我會帶著我的 iPod,邊聽廣播邊照顧一顆顆小芭樂。在農場的時間過得飛快,我的中文也在每天的日常對話中進步許多。

They took me to the farm, where I saw hundreds of guava trees in lines. They handed me plastic bags and explained to me how to wrap the tiny guavas. I began my work, using a triangle ladder to reach all the growing fruits. It was simple work, and I enjoyed spending time in the sunny farm. I even brought my iPod and would listen to podcasts for hours. The days passed by quickly, and my Chinese improved. I would work 6-9 hours everyday and I loved it.



Sometimes I would wrap the guavas, trim trees or use a drill and dig holes to put fertilizer in. I’ll admit sometimes I had a hard time doing it, it wasn’t easy work, even the older farmers always did better than I did. Every night I would be so tired and sore from the day, but they would always cook a lot of food for dinner for me, and in the morning I felt ready again.



The two weeks were over, and now I was ready to start my classes. I said goodbye to the family, and after they gave me 3 bags full of guava, I hopped onto a bus and made my way to Taichung, where I would begin my classes at Fengjia University.



It was quite honestly some of the best times of my life, because it was so simple. The more complicated our lives get the less we can enjoy them, here I was in Taiwan, working on a farm for two weeks. It was a simple beautiful life, and something I will always think about with joy.



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