《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》A Journey Towards Happiness.

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Happiness is right in front of you!
If only
You are willing to open your eyes
And See.

《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》is a story about a man traveling the world in search of the HappyLand. Afraid of missing it, he carried a sign with him, reminding others to wake him up at the Happy Land. But no one did, and he continued his wanderings until……

In the story, the man travelled around the world in every conceivable transport, but he never found his ideal HappyLand. Little did he know that because he was sleeping throughout his journey, he missed the wonders and happiness that were always around him.

In fact, happiness is in our minds and all around us. Perhaps it is tiny, but it always exists. If only we are willing to “SEE” it.



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Stretch goals

(with additional 4 new never-seen-before artworks included.)
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The beginning of the story

The idea of《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》came up around Jul / Aug 2015. The last two stories that I wrote before this were both dark and sad, and it was a period whereby I constantly saw a lot of negative news in the media. Hence, I set my mind to create a story that can spread more positivity.

Around the same period, I switched to take the subway to work every day. Then I came across an online video of an experiment whereby a person pretend to fall sleep, but yet holding a piece of paper indicating his destination on the train, and see if anyone would wake him up. The idea stuck in my mind and soon evolved into the core idea of this story - a person on a journey to HappyLand, but sleeping throughout the journey with no one waking him up.

Initially, I wanted to keep my previous style of storytelling-incorporating the use of words and rhymes- so I did many writing drafts in various approaches, but none of them seemed right. I was stuck in the scripts for quite some time until I attended a presentation by a publisher of Children’s Picture-Books. That stimulated my interest in this area, so I did some further research and reading related to Children’s Picture-Books. Eventually, I tried to make a wordless picture-story with this idea.

I found that the minute I threw away the words, all the ideas became more easily conveyed through a visual way.

wmuahl_storyboard《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》Story board


Creation process

Hippie Van

Hot Air Balloon

Merry Go Round


A heart-warming story that inspired thousands of people

I am a huge lover of fairy tales and fables because we can always learn many truths of life from them, and I think that fairy tales should not be confined only to what we had heard in our childhood. We adults should have our own fairy tales!

Thus, I started to illustrate and write a series of stories for adults with a unique blend of wit and wisdom since 2008 and had accumulated 15 stories so far. “Josef Lee’s Bedtime Stories for Adults” are widely read and adored by thousands online. There are lots of major news sites that have shared these stories, including BoredPanda, BrightSide, FLiPER Mag, DesignTAXI, and A Day Magazine, etc.


Before《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》, all my stories were strictly for adults. This was my first attempt to create a story that is for BOTH adults and children. Surprisingly, it seemed to work quite well. As a creator, I will naturally hope that one day I can publish some of my stories into physical books (none of my stories have ever been published yet). But my main goal has always been letting my stories reach out to more people around the world in the fastest time, hence the Internet is still the best avenue for me at this point. And that is why all my stories are freely available on my website.

However, I am also looking forward to seeing how this crowdfunding campaign will work out, as it is a different thing to give something for free online from to get people to pay for a book. I am not really sure how much the online popularity of the story will translate into actual supports.

This is a brand new experience for me and I sincerely hope the results can be encouraging, and will further spur me to continue creating stories that not only can adults enjoy, but is able to share with their kids in the future. And most importantly, to continue writing and drawing stories that can create a positive impact.

a short film made by Bright Side





Bring the old gentleman along your journey, and remember to wake him up at HappyLand :)


Selected six postcards from "Wake Me Up At HappyLand" , and another six hidden-version postcards coming up in the future!


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Crochet Doll
On the way to HappyLand? Why not bring the old gentleman with you?


Dust Wrapper - Taiwanese Limited-Edition & Chinese Guide Book
Exclusive to Taiwan's limited dust wrapper, and the best Chinese guide book made by FLiPER. We hope you can also appreciate the different happiness from it. ❤️


Crowdfunding Campaign Limited Posters
With your own “HappyLand sign”, you can also experience the grandfather's travel state of mind


For More Artworks

wmuahl_sketch《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》manuscript


Introduction of The Creator-Josef Lee


An avid lover of fairy tales and fables, Josef illustrates and writes short stories for adults under his own brand – “ Josef Lee's Bedtime Stories for Adults ” and had accumulated 15 stories so far, including popular stories such as《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》and《The Boy Who Caught The Sea》. Josef's personal style and story themes are diverse, but the only constant is that his works always contain rich emotion and are full of delicate observations of life.


The reason that started me on this journey of creating short, picture stories is that I see picture-books as the best mode of creative expression for me, as it allows a combination of all my various interests, including storytelling, design, comics, poetry and illustrations. My inspiration and story ideas come from everywhere and everything. I am a firm believer that “creativity” is about connecting the dots between ideas, and the more “dots” you have means more possibilities you get. As such, I read a lot and I am also interested in a wide variety of topics. I also watch hours of TV every day and countless online videos. All these go into the " idea bank " in my mind and some of them will " link up " and naturally appear to me as a story idea.

In the earlier years, the stories were only meant to be a creative outlet for me, so I basically drew what I liked and did not have many messages behind the stories. The results were stories that were sometimes nonsensical, with some dark humor or adult jokes thrown in.


I took a break from drawing the stories for a few years and started to seriously work on them again about two years ago. It might be due to maturity or the different kinds of books that I was exposed to for the past few years that I began to weave in subtle messages about “ Life ” in my stories or used them as an avenue to express my views and observations about the current society.

《Wake Me Up At HappyLand》was unexpectedly well-received and I realized that we are all in love and in need of more positive and inspirational stories in our lives.


Experiences and Awards of The Creator

Josef Lee has over ten years of successful designing experience, with a reputation for creative design solutions, professional client service, and excellent project management skills. He founded the multiple award-winning motion design and creative studio – MOJO in 2008. Within five years, MOJO received over 30 regional and international awards and accolades.


Josef has personally garnered over 20 local and international design awards, including 8 PromaxBDA GOLD, 9 PromaxBDA SILVER and 2 PromaxBDA BRONZE Awards. The PromaxBDA Awards honours the best in design and marketing work in broadcast advertising / promotions. He has also been invited as guest speaker for the Australian International School’s Careers Day to speak to senior students on personal experiences as a designer / illustrator, and Nanyang Polytechnic to guest speak on the subject of “ Animation ”.


2012    PROMAX & BDA ANZ 2012
2012    PROMAX & BDA World 2012
2012    PROMAX & BDA India 2012
2011    PROMAX & BDA World 2011 - DESIGN
2010    PROMAX & BDA Asia 2010
2009    PROMAX & BDA Asia 2009
2009    PROMAX & BDA World 2009
2008    PROMAX & BDA World 2008
2007    PROMAX & BDA Asia 2007
2007    MDA (Media Development Authority Singapore) Synthesis 2006
2005    PROMAX & BDA Asia 2005
2005    PROMAX & BDA World 2005
2005    1st 24-Hour Chinese Promo Challenge
2004    Mayor’s Imagine! Fund Publicity Design Competition
2002    Red Challenge - Blood Donation Poster Design Competition
2002    Graffiti Cafe Comics and Illustrations Competition
1999    Goal 2010 - Singapore in The World Cup Logo Design Competition
1998    Ministry of Education Production Logo Design Competition
1997    Polytechnic Forum Logo Design Competition


Risks and Challenges

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