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你是否正視過台灣的工業廢棄物污染?當環保意識抬頭政府與環團鼓吹減塑、淨灘等理念,但卻鮮少看見有關工業廢棄物的宣導與討論。綠色專家喬馬科維(Joel Makower)曾將垃圾分為都會廢棄物、建築與拆除廢棄物、特殊廢棄物、工業廢棄物四類去統計美國的全國垃圾總量,其分別所佔的比例為:2.5%、3.5%、18%、76%,每一磅都會廢棄物都是耗掉至少四十磅工業廢棄物才換來的。是故我們選擇關注一項相對嚴重卻鮮少有人討論的議題,希望透過設計傳達廢棄物「飛灰」(fly ash)、環境(sustainable)與人(human)的三角關係,喚起大眾對於工業廢棄物的關注,唯有當大眾開始討論與重視才會開始有改變的可能。

「USEFAIL」源自於兩個英文單詞 USE 與 FAIL,USE 代表著使用者的概念,而 FAIL 代表著製造能源後所產生的廢棄物,「USEFAIL」同時也是對useful(有用的)這個單字的諷刺。人類總是將目光放在對自己有用的事物,但對於生產過程中所製造的廢棄物卻漠不關心,「USEFAIL攸關你的是!否?」你可以選擇視而不見,或是從現在開始重視這項議題。


Have you ever concern industrial waste pollution in Taiwan? When environmental awareness rose, the government and the regiment advocated the concepts of plastic reduction and clean beach, but people rarely concern the promotion and discussion of industrial waste. Green expert Joel Makower calculates the United States waste by divided the waste into four categories: urban waste, construction and demolition waste, special waste, and industrial waste. Their precipitations are 2.5%, 3.5%, 18%, 76%, each pound of the urban waste consumed in exchange for at least forty pounds of industrial waste. That's why we choose to focus on a relatively severe issue that is rarely discussed, hoping through design to bring out the triangular relationship between the waste ' fly ash ', the sustainable and human as well as to arouse public attention to industrial waste. When the public begins to discuss and concern, it will start to change.

"USEFAIL" comes from the English words USE and FAIL. USE refers to user, while FAIL refers to waste produced by the generation of energy. "USEFAIL" is also a play on the word "Useful". People often interested in creating objects, but not the waste in the process of production. "USEFAIL"-get involved! or somebody will take care of it? "You can choose to ignore it, or you can start taking this issue seriously from now on.

The concept of seeping is the core of the design. The fly ash is abandoned on the grounds and fish farms, and then it seeps into the soil. At the end it polluted groundwater, such phenomenon similar to plant root extend consistently. The feature of seeping and extend also can be seen in the nature of tracing paper. Therefore, we used tracing paper as 'vector' of our design.


崑山科技大學 / 視覺傳達設計系
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