紋聲計畫 Voice of scars

國立雲林科技大學 / 視覺傳達設計系

Depression, the current society's cognition is generally ambiguous, and the most important way to treat depression is people's understanding and companionship There is no way to make people understand the symptoms of depression with intricate regulations and lengthy practical cases. We collected the stories of five recovered patients, combined their stories with tattoo elements into an animated film, and presented them in the form of animations and posters. Let's listen to the stories behind these images.

「紋上紋身,傾聽憂鬱症的心聲」 Tattoo the sound of your soul

憂鬱,是正常的情緒,遇到不如意難免會不快樂。普遍大眾常把憂鬱症與憂鬱畫上等號,忽略了對症的解決方法,導致患者病情惡化、不願就醫。 經調查後發現,普遍大眾認為現今宣傳管道過於乏味、有距離感等,如果大眾沒辦法清楚的了解且運用,對於病患的傷害會越來越大。因此我們以此為概念發展出我們的專題計畫。

「In the face of depression, what you can do is more powerful than you think.」
Melancholy is a normal mood. It is unavoidable to be unhappy when you have a bad day. However, the general public often equates melancholy with depression and neglects the symptomatic solution, which leads to continuous deterioration of the patient's condition and reluctance to seek medical treatment. And after investigation, it is found that the general public thinks that today's publicity channels are too tedious and have a sense of distance. If the public cannot understand and use them clearly, the harm to patients will be greater. So we developed our project based on this concept.

Tattoo, is a process that is painful, but an element of good results. We interviewed five patients, wrote a story about their healing process, and created five tattoos that belonged to the patient's story. And we made their stories into animated films. The main style presentation was to convey "the story that happened to them", so the animation was presented on human skin to tell the audience how the story went and how the tattoo was finally presented. With story films, we get rid of previous books and periodicals, and make information and analysis of individual stories into a website, so that viewers can not only watch it repeatedly, but also read relevant information to help understand.

故事紋身 story tattoo /

Interview five patients who have recovered, and describe the important elements of their story, such as: what do they feel like when they are sick, whether there are things that impress you, and the key to getting out. The scoring of these images on their skin turns them into tattoo images. Combine their past to transform beautiful images of the future.
《生而為人,我很抱歉》_刺青海報 /
由於患者形容自己像野獸,故重要圖像為野獸,雙手表示一路扶持他的友情以及親情, 鞋帶是曾經勒住他的東西 ,玻璃碎片則是用來自殘的東西 ,整體營造重生的意涵。
《了解自己, 認識自己,感受它。》_刺青海報 /
《煙霧繚繞,願再風起》_刺青海報 /
患者形容自己像惡魔,且心情較為激動的,患者有抽菸,整體惡魔形象以煙呈現,身邊的小惡魔是扶持他的團體生活,也是他跨出去的那一步, 圓圈則代表團體扶持的象徵。
《黑白夾縫,尋一片灰》_刺青海報 /
《沉於倒影,生如水仙》_刺青海報 /
刺青動畫 tattoo animation /

When the story stays deeply on the body and becomes part of the body, for patients, this process will never be forgotten, just like a wound on the body, left on the skin. We turn the story into a frame-by-frame animation, letting it travel through the skin. What we want to convey is that “these really happen to them.” Whether it ’s a psychological scar or a physical scar, that ’s part of them , Choose to face the past bravely and move towards the future.
網站架設 website /

In the past, the text on depression was not too tedious or long, or the storyline was quite far away from us. Depressed storytelling makes the public repel such information. Therefore, we gathered all the stories we collected and the analysis information into a web page, so that the audience can match the dynamic images of tattoos and the context of the story, and slowly understand the true face of depression from the case. On the webpage, we design independent story tattoo introduction pages and various depression-related knowledge pages so that all problems can be solved on mobile phones.

Understanding is the first step in supporting patients with depression. In the display above, we bulge the scars of patients on the poster. The audience can feel the scars on the skin through touching. We hope that the public can learn more about depression, Not just emotional issues, there are many causes. What we can do for the patients is simple but never easy.
製作團隊 Project member 許中瀚 Zhong Han Xu / 陳宣妤 Syuan Yu Chen
指導老師 Instructor 林泰州 Tay-Jou Lin
製作 Produce by 國立雲林科技大學 視覺傳達設計系_紋聲計畫 Department of Visual Communication Design, Yuntech_Voice of scars


國立雲林科技大學 / 視覺傳達設計系
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