The (Fake) Map of Rabbits’ Diaspora – MAPS 創意地圖展


Diaspora 這英文單字是我在舊金山念插畫碩士的時候,在一堂叫 Crossing Border 的通識課上學到的。其實這是一堂關於哲學的課程,努力的讓我們這些不夠聰明的藝術家們有一些思想,讓我們看懂當代藝術代表的涵意與演變。所以在尼采等哲人的思想漩渦裡掙扎過程中,我們順便學習了一些很艱澀的字彙。除了 Diaspora 這單字外,還有 Panopticon、Surveillance、Exoticism……等。並在期末報告裡將這些字用藝術的方式表現出來。Diaspora 的英文解釋是 ” From the Greek meaning ‘to disperse,’ this term refers to the voluntary or forcible movements of peoples from their homelands into new regions. ”  中文的意思就是一群人被迫或是自願移居到家鄉以外的地方。在舊金山有個很有名的博物館就叫 M.O.A.D. (Museum of the African Diaspora),介紹著非洲人民移民和被販賣到北美洲、南美洲和加勒比海地區等地方的歷史。而我在期末報告上,就用一張簡單的兔子移居地圖來表現。

I learned the word “Diaspora” when I studied in Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It was from a general study class called “Crossing Border”. Actually, this is a class about philosophy. Our teacher try to put some difficult thoughts in our heads. I have to say, this class was really really not easy for us.” In this class, we also learned some interesting vocabularies, for example, Panopticon, Surveillance, Exoticism….etc. And our final homework was to express these words by using our artwork. Of course, Diaspora was one of them. Diaspora is from the Greek meaning ‘to disperse,’ this term refers to the voluntary or forcible movements of peoples from their homelands into new regions. So. I drew a drawing about a group of rabbits’ diaspora for the final at that time.





當 Fliper Mag 邀請我參加地圖展的時候,這是我第一個想到的地圖。因為我覺得我們都是這些移居的人,不管是被迫還是自願。我的父親從臺南遷到高雄,上一代從中國大陸坐船過來,大學時代為求學而上台北,實習而去花蓮。然後為了學插畫而到舊金山住了五年。在那看到來自世界各地不同語言的人住在同一城市裡,那種感覺是非常深刻的。擴大來講,人類的歷史其實就是一部人類移居的歷史,為了各種原因而到處探險,尋找新的住所。而地圖,就是這部移居史的紀錄。想想當自己離家搬到一個陌生環境裡,慢慢的小心探索新環境,然後與這些街道巷弄變的熟識,在腦海中建立自己小小的地圖,只是大家沒有真的畫下來而已。而我想說的是,或許到了不同地方,會有不同的文化風俗宗教語言民情……。但我們並沒有那樣的不同,在這世界上都是一個一個的移居者。因此,不管面對什麼人種與文化,我想都應該保持一顆友善的心,去瞭解與愛。

When I had the chance to enter this group art show about maps. This is the first map I want to make. I think that all of us are the people of diaspora. My father moved from Tainan to Kaohsiung. I moved to Taipei because my college was there. I moved to San Francisco for studying illustration. In San Francisco, I saw people from everywhere. They have different skin colors, religions, cultures, and languages. But in this city, I felt that all of us are not that different. On the other hand, our (human) history is a history of human diaspora. We moved out from our homelands to new places. And our maps are the records of these histories. Imagining what happens when we move to a new place. We will explore our neighborhood carefully, and start to be familiar with it little by little. There will be a small map created in our minds. What I want to say is that we are not that different. Because we are all the people of diaspora in this world, we should try to understand and love each other.


最後感謝有這展讓我可以完成這研究所時期的想法,會使用兔子為主角的原因我想除了前一年我都在畫兔子之外,我想也受到的陳志勇的繪本 The Rabbit 的影響。另外它是一個假地圖,畢竟人類與兔子們都不是這樣移居到世界上的。我只是想用它來表達我的想法。不過,希望大家都喜歡!展期到4/28,歡迎大家來看展嘍!

At last, I want to thank FLiPER mag for offering this chance to finish these artworks from my old idea. I hope everyone enjoy the art show. Thank you!




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