Bullshit 廢話

香港知專設計學院 / 視覺傳達設計學系
Since 2019 June in Hong Kong, there are a lot of bullshit came out to our life. The reason that people keep protesting, is because of the unstoppable bullshit from the Hong Kong government. This is a project to speak up to someone who never care of there society.
I hope they could realize that they are actually apart of the community and they should know some bullshit is happening in their life too. They will become empathetic and understandable to the social moment.

Cat, Dog & Laser

In Hong Kong, the toy which plays with the cat is a weapon to kill people.


Even go to a picnic, people still prefer to order food.

Mature Egg

In Hong Kong, even people look so young, they are already mature inside. However, teenagers are not supposed to be...

Minimum Force

The minimum force in Hong Kong is shot to kill. If people didn't die, they just missed that time. Gun is just like a trifling matter as a banana.

Love is stronger than violence

Some said, "Love is stronger than violence". So...is that means "Love" is more violent?

Under the see

Human is not human. People keep watching by the government.


香港知專設計學院 / 視覺傳達設計學系
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